We are one of the most experienced logistics companies and container operators in Russia. Our strong presence in Russian market and ideally located container terminal are our biggest assets in the country.

Customs clearance and overland transport. Many actions are required to comply with all the stipulated procedures for moving cargo to and from Russia. We take care of these complex cargo customs procedures for you. We offer customs clearance for import and export cargo, including re-export and re-import procedures for arrival or departure by sea or by land with competitive rates.

Our dedicated and perfectly located terminal. Moby Dik terminal is located on the island of Kotlin. It offers an advantage of six hours steaming time due to its ideal location. Moby Dik terminal is linked to the mainland with direct road connection, providing reliable overland transport all the way to Moscow and beyond on our own truck fleet and the railroad system.

Versatile container terminal and warehousing services. Yanino Logistics Park provides excellent rail terminal and warehousing services, flexible depot services and first-class container handling and repair facilities. All required operations for cargo subject to customs inspection can be carried out at Yanino Logistics Park.

With over 20 years of experience in the local market, we offer stress-free import and export services for your cargo in Russia.