Carefree transportation from door to door. Our door-to-door services extend from Finland, Russia, Poland, the Baltics and Scandinavia throughout Europe, the UK and Ireland, as well as to the Mediterranean ports in Turkey, North Africa and Spain. No matter the distance, or whether it is by sea or land, we can offer a care free transportation for your goods.

Our service portfolio extends from transporting fast moving consumer goods and other grocery products to paper and timber, and from industrial products to chemicals and agricultural commodities. We offer containers of 20’, 40’ and 45’, including High cube, Open side, Open top, Flat rack and Reefer containers. This means, that our container fleet offers solution even for the most challenging transportation demands.

Optimised capacity for transporting euro palletised goods. Our 45’ magnum container’s capacity equals with a trailer and allowing higher payloads it is a cost-effective alternative to traditional trailer transportation. Container transportation is a safe, sustainable and reliable way to deliver your goods, providing flexibility in both delivery time and warehousing.

Door-to-door temperature controlled transport. We have an expanded reefer capacity including 40’ and 45’ reefer containers supported by trucks and vessels fully suited to temperature controlled transport. The 45’ reefer container is pallet-wide, meaning it has the same capacity as a traditional reefer trailer and takes a total load of 33 euro pallets.

Our container shipping services in Russia include customs clearance of import and export cargo, including re-import procedures for arrival or departure by sea or by truck. Our customs clearance is both competitive and flexible, and we offer fast and remote customs clearance with EDI.

Environmentally friendly solution. Our operations are highly efficient and the optimised routing of vessels and trucks make our logistics a sustainable choice. Our investments to LNG technology prove that we are committed to responsible logistics. With us, you can create remarkable contribution to environmentally friendly supply chain.