Containerships is one of the most experienced logistics companies and container operators in Russia. Our strong presence in the market and ideally located container terminals are our greatest assets in Russia.

Customs clearance. Great care is needed to ensure compliance with the numerous requirements of the Russian authorities when preparing import or export declarations for cargoes moving in and out of Russia. We can take care of these customs procedures for you as we offer customs clearance for import and export cargo, including re-export and re-import procedures, whether the cargo arrives or departs by sea or by land.

Perfectly located terminals. Bronka Container Terminal is located to the west of the main port of St. Petersburg providing safe and effortless marine access which is matched by the seamless link to land transport to or from the Russian hinterland. The terminal has direct rail connections for greater distances, whilst for shorter distances we offer road transport using our own truck fleet. Upgraded warehousing facilities and efficient customs procedure services are available 24/7.

Yanino Logistics Park provides excellent rail terminal and warehousing services, flexible depot services and first-class container handling and repair facilities. All necessary procedures for clearing cargoes through customs can be carried out at Yanino Logistics Park.

Own truck fleet for full control. With our own 7-axle trucks we can deliver payloads of up to 26 tons fully complying with Russian road weight limitations. All our trucks are GPS equipped, allowing full tracking of pick-ups and deliveries. We maintain and regularly renew our truck fleet to ensure excellent service as certified according to ISO 9001.

With 25 years of experience in the local market, we offer the most efficient import and export services for your cargo in Russia.