Our shipping routes are grouped in two regional services and consist of Baltic & North Sea service and Intra-Mediterranean service. Our dedicated, local transport specialists will find the best way to move your cargo from door to door.

Baltic & North Sea Service

We transport your goods widely across the mainland Europe, Russia, the UK and Iberia. Our service portfolio is based on a great variety of transport modes, and with us, your cargo will be delivered all over Europe in the most reliable and efficient way. Pre- and on-carriage to/from the port is provided according to your needs.

We link ports in Northwest Europe and the UK with ports in Finland, Denmark, Norway, the Baltic States and Russia and offer frequent sailings between:

Intra-Mediterranean Service

Our efficient fast track service at the doorstep of North African countries is offering direct sailings with short transit times and further connections to the hinterlands of Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. In the Mediterranean, we offer connections between:


For detailed information about our Baltic & North Sea connections, check our PORT-TO-PORT SCHEDULE >>

For actual data on sailings, check our OPERATIONAL SCHEDULE >>

For more information, do not hesitate to contact your local Containerships office!