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Shipping Containers

Size does matter. Whatever the size and volume of your cargo, we provide a full range of shipping containers to ensure the most flexible and cost-effective transport to their final destination. Our fleet of 14.000 containers is unique: we provide a full range of container sizes:  20’, 40’ and 45’ Pallet Wide, High Cube, Open Side, Open Top, Flat Rack and Reefer containers. Ninety per cent of the CONTAINERSHIPS fleet is Pallet Wide, which has been specially designed for transporting Euro-palletized goods.

Container Dimensions. The Pallet Wide containers can handle more pallets. For example, the 20’ Pallet Wide container can hold 14 euro pallets (1.2m x 0.8m) compared to 11 pallets held by standard 20’ containers. This means we get more goods and reduce transport costs. The 45’ Magnum containers can load up to 33 Euro-pallets; 32% more than a standard 40’ unit.

CONTAINERSHIPS: Maximising shipping container space