Stock Exchange Releases

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Stock Release: Listing prospectus for Containerships plc’s EUR 60 million bond available (published 17.1.2018)

Listing Prospectus (published 17.1.2018)

Terms and conditions (published 17.1.2018)

Stock Release: Containerships plc has applied for its issued bonds to be listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s stock exchange list (published 15.1.2018)

Stock release: Containerships plc´s financial reporting 2018 (published 9.1.2018.)

Stock release: Containerships plc’s interim report July-September 2017 (published 14.11.2017)

Notice of Early Redemption (published 13.11.2017)

Stock release: Containerships plc successfully issues 4-year EUR 60 million senior secured bond (published 10.11.2017.)

Stock release: Containerships plc early redemption of EUR 50.5 million senior secured bond (published 10.11.2017)

Stock release: Containerships plc announces fixed income investor meetings (published 3.11.2017)

Stock release: Half Year report 2017, Containerships plc (published 15.8.2017)

Stock release: Interim report Q1, 2017 Containerships plc (published 16.5.2017)

Stock release: Annual Report 2016 Containerships plc (published 15.3.2017)

Stock release: Containerships plc´s financial reporting 2017 (published 20.12.2016)

Stock release: Containerships plc interim report January-September 2016 (published 15.11.2016)

Stock release: Notification of Home Member State (published 14.10.2016)

Stock release: Result of written procedure (published 22.9.2016)

Attachment: Stock release schedules in English (published 22.9.2016)

Stock release: Notice of written procedure (published 2.9.2016)

Attachment: Updated bond terms (published 2.9.2016)

Stock release: Financial Interim Report covering results for Q2,2016 in English (published 16.8.2016)

Containership Interim report Q1, 2016 (published 17.5.2016)

Listing Prospectus (published 30.03.2016)

Containerships Financial Interim Report covering results for Q4 2015 (published 29.2.2016)

Containerships Financial Interim Report covering results for Q3 2015 (published 1.12.2015)

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