Insider Policy & Management transactions


Containerships plc complies with NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd’s Guidelines for Insiders, which are supplemented by the insider guidelines approved by the Board of Directors. During 2018 Containerships plc has not defined permanent insiders; insiders are determined individually for each project. From 1.3.2019 onwards Containerships will have a list of permanent insiders. The Company management observes a 30-day closed window immediately before interim reports are released, including the day of release. Containerships CEO oversees the Insider Policy.

Containerships plc has defined the following insiders: Containerships plc’s Board members, the CEO and Containerships plc’s management team members.

Instructions regarding transactions and decision-making between related parties are given in both the Management Guidelines and the Code of Conduct. Related party transactions are regulated also in the terms and conditions of the bond issue.

Management transactions must be reported in the financial statements. Significant management transactions must be reported separately during the financial year.