Shares & Notes

Containerships plc is a family-owned company with share capital of €80 000. The Company has 118 752 fully paid shares comprising 114,002 class A shares and 4,750 class B shares. Each class A share entitles its holder to one vote and each full ten class B shares entitle their holder to one vote, subject to each shareholder having a minimum of one vote. Dividends are paid on class B shares as provided by the Articles of Association.

Containerships plc’s bond of totalling €50.5 million has been listed in Nasdaq Helsinki since 1 April 2016 (ISIN FI4000148804). Notes are offered for subscription at a minimum amount of €100,000. The Notes bear interest at the rate of Euribor (3 months) plus 7.50% per annum. The Notes mature on 2 April 2019.

€45.0 million of the notes was issued on 2 April 2015 and €5.5 million on 28 October 2015. The Company may issue additional notes to an aggregate of €70 million.
The Notes are linked to Euroclear’s digital ownership register.

Funds from issued bonds were used or will be used to refinance the Company’s loan, to purchase new containers, LNG-vessels, trucks and trailers, as well as to serve the Company’s general financial necessities, including possible business acquisitions.

Listing Prospectus (published 30.03.2016)

Updated bond terms (published 2.9.2016)