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Health, Safety, Quality & Environmental Policy

Containerships’ Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Policy constitutes a guideline for the activities to improve our performance:

  • Sustainability is highly important in our business and we have defined minimizing environmental impacts as a strategic competitive edge
  • We are committed to continuously improve our service quality by giving more efficient and reliable service to our customers
  • We are committed to identify the customer expectations and to act according to those expectations and reach them at all levels and in every link of the chain
  • We are committed to follow legislation requirements and fulfill other compliance obligations
  • We are committed to protect the environment by identifying the environmental impacts related to our operations and actively strive to minimize them
  • We are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy and motivating work environment for our employees
  • We comply with the principles of equality and non-discrimination and respect human rights in all our operations. We comply with a separate Code of Conduct

Management systems in use

Our Management System covers both Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015) and Environmental Management (ISO14001:2015) systems requirements. The ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in use in Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Ireland, and the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system in Finland, Russia and the Netherlands. All the Company’s offices use the same Operations Manual in their activities.