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Monitoring quality

Quality is one of the key competences for Containerships. Company has set quality and environmental objectives which are monitored regularly. Quality objectives include the service quality, which is monitored by following the vessel schedule reliability and the number of claims received per TEU. Within quality objectives lies also efficiency: Containerships aims to improve its efficiency by following regularly both vessel capacity utilisation and truck fleet utilisation.

Environmental objectives concentrate on reduction of emissions and reduction of empty mileage. These are monitored by the CO2 emissions generated during each sea leg and by the percentage of cross-loading per month. Also, the fleet structure in land operations is followed, target being that more than 70 percent of truck fleet consists of EURO 5 or even less consuming trucks.

Containerships targets to reduce its CO2 emissions on sea by five percent each year. In 2016, the CO2 emissions were reduced by eight percent. In 2017, the vessel delays caused by difficult weather conditions during the last three months of the year forced vessels to speed up and led to higher fuel consumption, consequently setting the CO2 reduction percentage into two percent.

Containerships has actively invested in technologies to reduce emissions. This includes sulphur scrubbers aboard ships and LNG trucks with regard to road traffic. Containerships is also committed to reduce the environmental impact on the Baltic Sea by prohibiting ships from emptying wastewater into it.