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According to customer’s needs

Containerships is an international, yet local logistics company, and our strong local presence across the operational area ensure high service level throughout the logistics chain. Local knowledge of markets and logistics as well as language skills endorse reaching our target: to provide our customers the best customer experience in the logistics industry. We require the same commitment from our carefully selected partners.

Your reliable logistics partner

Containerships’ key competitive advantage in the Baltic and North Sea is a regular and reliable schedule, which brings added value to the management of customers’ logistic chains. Regular vessel departures enable our customers to optimise the time of arrival of freight to match their own operations.

In the Baltic and North Sea, an average of 87% of company’s vessels were on schedule in 2017, while the figures for 2015 and 2016 were 91% and 96%. The reliability rates declined in late 2017 due to difficult weather conditions in the Baltic and North Sea. Ambition being one of our core values, Containerships’ reliability target is set to 93% in 2018.












In the two latest customer surveys, our customers selected “reliable” as the key adjective to describe Containerships’ services. Over 95 % of our customers considers Containerships as or more reliable than the average of the competitors.